Lawn Mowing                                        

Service includes mowing turf areas, trimming the grass bi-weekly, and clearing off walks

and driveway with a blower.

                          Spring & Fall Clean Up  Leaf Clean Up                          

                               We will remove sticks, leaves, and debris from the designated areas that the client                                                chooses. We will include all turf areas, flower beds, under bushes, deep                                                  cleaning ground cover, tops of bushes, with leaves to the curb for town pick up.                                                   Work is done by professionals with professional blowers and equipment.

                              Debris removal available for towns that don't pick up

Bush Trimming / Shrub Pruning                

Ornamental Tree Pruning

​Service includes shaping bushes to customers request or following

trained slopes for a very manicured look to bushes. All trimmings will

be cleaned up and brought to the curb for town pick up. Shrubs will be

pruned of all dead and shaped to promote healthy growth.

ORGANIC FERTILIZER                                

  One of the only companies around offering this service. Using corn gluten and all natural organic fertilizer (safe for pets, children, and the environment) we will tackle your weed problem and get your lawn green without harsh chemicals

Bobcat Service                   

Bobcats cut the labor cost of big projects down and have a variety of uses.

Tree stump removal,brush hogging, grading, pool fill ins, auger service,

spreading crusher, topsoil, land clearing, etc. If the job is too big to do by

hand call in the professionals.

                      Colored Mulch                                         

                      Natural Mulch                                             

                      We will come and estimate the amount of mulch that you will need for your job                              and deliver and install it for you. Keep your plants healthy, bring out their colors,                          and keep those weeds from ruining your gardens.

Gutter Cleaning                                       

Service includes cleaning gutters of debris and testing for flow. Clogged gutters

are a major cause of erosion of foundations and water problems. Clogged

downspouts may be extra depending on the design.



                                         Painting Service

                                             Professional painting service for your interior or exterior. Looking for that                                                perfect paint job or trying to meet a budget we can help. Deck refinishing,                                              natrual wood staining, refinishing hardwoods, are all services in this                                                      category.

Patio's and Retaining Walls                          

We will meet with you and pick a design for your walkway,

driveway, or retaining wall. Most manufactured pavers will

put you at $15 per sq. ft. Natural stone can be much more

expensive hence the $25 per sq. ft. pricing. Special designs

that have more waste material may have additional charges.


                                            Power Washing                        


Is that vinyl siding green? Does your walkway look like it needs replacing?                                             We provide the services you need to make it look new again. Specializing in                                           patio and walkway restoration and deck refinishing.

Standard 2 car wide 100' long driveway

Service includes snow plowing driveway when snow accumulates 3 inches in a single storm. Designed for the day worker, we snow plow the driveway before you leave for work, and again before you come home if needed.


Snow Plowing