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20 Trips @ 2” or more of snow $400


Contract begins November 15, 2021 (or 72 hrs after signing) and ends April 1, 2022 

1) Plowing will begin when snow accumulates 2in or more in a single snow event on the driveway. This does NOT include the snow pushed back into the driveway from the town plowing after service, or drifting snow (snow that blows from the ground onto your property) unless it is widespread. Snow under 2in is the responsibility of the homeowner to clear, or can be cleared for an additional charge. If you are requesting extra cleanup for situations under 2in, the end of the driveway from the town plows servicing the road, or isolated drifts, please call the office for pricing details.  

2) Each truck services approximately 50 driveways. It may take up to 4 hrs after the initial 2in has fallen to receive service. You may have to drive through a few inches of snow to get out during early morning snow events. 

3) In the event of a significant snow storm (1-2in per hr, or more then 10in in 16 hrs or less) we will perform services as quickly as possible. In these situations, the plowing can take a great deal longer than usual since the roads have slow moving traffic and are generally not cleared until 4am. This doesn’t happen often, but can occur. Other situations that could delay plowing are situations out of the contractor's control such as road closings, accidents, snow emergencies, or not being able to access the area due to cars parked at the end of the driveway, trees, power lines, or other obstacles in the way. In these instances, expect delays. 

4) Please put your recycling and garbage cans out AFTER service has been performed, or off the driveway (we will not move them). We also want you to be aware that there will be between a 6in and 1ft area in front of the garbage, around the cars, near retaining walls, and areas a truck cannot maneuver, that won't be cleared. AREAS THAT HAVE LESS THAN 8FT of clearance at any time will NOT be plowed. This includes height and width, and low hanging branches. 

5) Our driveway markers are important to our safety and the safety of our/your property and will be placed in the ground if we receive your contract before the ground freezes. After the ground freezes it will be the homeowner's responsibility to place ORANGE markers (36in or higher) along the driveways edge. For any area that you do NOT wish snow to be piled outside the area, please use a different color marker (except white) to mark that area. You must leave a place for the snow to be piled on YOUR property as it is illegal to push it across the street or down the road. We use steel blades and will not be responsible for damages to asphalt, concrete, pavers, or any damage inside the marked plowing area. We also want you to be aware that under no circumstances will we wait while you move your cars or be able to call you beforehand. 

6) Any damage caused to the turf areas by plow blades should be reported when the snow melts. WE WILL NOT MAKE REPAIRS UNTIL AFTER THE CONTRACT ENDS. We will repair any turf damage free of charge as long as the plow markers are there when we remove them within 2 weeks of the contract end date. If you pull them before the contract is over or you don’t want to be charged for them, they can be dropped off to the address on your contract. In the event we make a service trip and the driveway is no longer marked we will NOT provide service.  

7) This residential contract includes 20 TRIPS FOR THE SEASON. REQUESTED TRIPS OUT OF CONTRACT (town plowing, having a party, need to move cars, under 2in, over 20 trips, etc.) WILL BE AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE above and beyond this contract to be agreed upon by both parties. We will invoice weekly for any requested trips out of contract. Contractors reserve the right to discontinue service for non-payment. We will offer optional salting at an additional cost to be agreed upon by both parties. 

8) Payments can be made by cash, check, or money order to: 

Jay Shorter 
2064 Penfield Rd
Penfield, NY 14526 

An Early Bird discount of 10% will be applied to any contract received by October 15, 2021 

A 5% discount will be applied to any contract being paid for in cash. 


PENFIELD 14526 FAIRPORT 14450 ONLY!!!!!!

Welcome to my snow plowing page. Here you can purchase service, read my contract, and view twitter updates for service updates during a storm (the Twitter feed is at the bottom of this page). We will tell you things like when we start and when we expect to finish a run. You can buy service if you meet the requirements below for a standard driveway. Just hit the buy it now button and check out securely with PayPal. Please read the entire contract below before purchasing. I will send you a copy of the contract to the email you pay from. Thanks and have a happy winter!!!

$350 Until October 15th. 

​Jay Shorter-owner

Snow Plowing